At the beginning of our collaboration, we sit down together to get to know each other. We need to get a feel for your needs, who you are organising the event for, what is the purpose and goal of the event, find out what you like and dislike and of course your idea of the budget. We want to have a clear idea so that the success of your requested event can be guaranteed!


As soon as we find out the specifications from you, we will prepare A proposal for you, including a preliminary calculation. What does this mean? We will offer you one or two variants of your event, with an estimate of the price calculation. The calculation is only an estimate, we base it on the current prices of services on the market. We only ask for final prices from suppliers when we agree on our cooperation. The cost of the event goes directly to you without any price increase. We only charge the price for our work on a per position basis for the hours worked. An estimate of our hours is part of the quote.


Once we agree on our cooperation, we will start working on the detailed program and schedule of the event. All the time you are informed about the individual contracted services and prices. It is clear to us that the budget is crucial for you and we have to fit it in! Together we agree on the individual items and terms.


Once all the requirements and services for the event have been arranged, we will hand over the entire event to you. You will receive from us a schedule, contacts for the individual people (suppliers) you can contact during the event to ensure a smooth running. If you would like us to manage the event itself, this is also possible. This service is charged separately and we will be happy to price it for you for the event.